NENESS Consultancy Services Limited (OCSL) is committed to support small and medium enterprises (SME) on information technology. It is incorporated in April 2010, and based in Auckland. We aim to utilize our computer software expertise to make sure IT works for you.

From IT project identification, to project planning, to system analysis, to application design and development, all the way down to implementation, maintenance and enhancement, you can benefit from our professional consultant services. Meanwhile, OCSL assists SMEs on assessing their IT projects, for ensuring the return on investments (ROI).

We suggest it should be a very good entry point to adopt IT solutions when you are in the following situation:

? Planning to expand your business
? Would like to increase the work efficiency
? Need to extend the reach to mass internet users
? Demand well-organized, easy-accessed information
? Want automatization on business process
? Willing to improve business image and maintain industry competition

OCSL seeks for win-win solutions, and we tend to help grow our clients to booster our business. We believe that your business is our future!

What is your understanding of, IT & application best practice methodologies?

Author: TheOner

With certain level of involvement in IT methodologies like The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), OMB Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), The Gartner Methodology (formerly the Meta Framework), and the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF), together with experience in an agile development program, I don't believe a so-called universal methodology which can apply to every organization, in terms of architectural development.

However, based on my personal experience and understanding, I think there is a certain procedure to follow in applying IT to business and I suggest the following process be customized for specific organization at the application architectural level:

  • 0. Environmental feedback:
    • Business context
    • Technology status quo
    • Technology trends
    • Government regulation
    • IT strategy
  • 1. Definition:
    • Current State
    • Solution Principles and guidelines
    • Solution reference model
    • Vision of future solution
  • 2. Communication:
    • Enterprise architect, CIO
    • Design / Development team
    • Infrastructure team
    • Compliance team
    • Testing team
  • 3. Application:
    • Implement process
    • Principles and guidelines
    • Patterns
    • Reuse
  • 4. Governance:
    • Monitor the application performance
    • Ensure compliance and adapt
    • Collect and digest feedbacks
  • 5. Refinement:
    • Ideal model
    • Gap analysis
    • Refinement of Principles, guidelines, Refine reference model and Road map

IT Investment: What Is The Timing?

Author: TheOner

Information Technology is a mature and proven tool to boost your business. TheOner suggests there should be three types of situations SME may face regarding the timing for IT investment, namely, Must-do, Good-to-have and Better-not.

Simply consider two factors: workload and business strategy.

It is a significant signal to go IT investment when you notice that your human resources are overloaded by the routine work, no matter it is due to tedious processes or too much business on hand. Information Technology is always ready to help handle the time-consuming, repetitive and accuracy-demanding job.

When it comes to business strategy, IT can be a real priority to build up your competitive power. This is a century of ICT. With established IT infrastructure, including hardware, software and network, you can extend reach to millions of internet users even within your market and industry. Meanwhile, you can have better organized and easier accessed information, which will definitely increase the work efficiency. Undoubtedly, that will help brand your business.

Putting these two factors, work load and business strategy, in a matrix, therefore we can easily tell that when you are going to expand the business AND facing an overloaded situation, IT investment can be a MUST-DO option; While you are facing overloaded situation OR planning to expand, IT investment is a GOOD-TO-HAVE option. However, when you have redundant resources and many of the staffs are not working fully, you may have to shrink the business, then you are in a BETTER-NOT quantum of this matrix of time for IT investment.

Please refer to the diagram for a clear picture.

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